Saturday, September 8, 2007

Face Made Without Hands

This icon is called "Face Made without Hands", sometimes just, "Not Made by Hands", or The Holy Face, or even the Greek word for cloth, "Mandylion". The story was told that King Abgar of Edessa, being ill, sent a servant, the Court painter, to request that Jesus come and heal him. When Jesus was unable to do so, the painter proceeded to attempt to paint Jesus. When Jesus saw this, he washed his face and then pressed a cloth to his own face, leaving his image upon it, and gave it to him to take back to King Abgar. He was healed by this miraculous cloth. We know of the existence of the cloth as late as 944, when the sacred cloth was moved from Edessa to Constantinople.

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A Reader said...

The icon is beautiful... post more pictures, and maybe some of your retablos too!